Baby Circumcision Manchester

Baby Circumcision Manchester

Yoel Niasoff runs Baby Circumcision based in Manchester and performs the circumcisions. He is fully qualified with many years of experience in performing neonatal baby circumcisions. He works closely with other medical professionals in the circumcision field of expertise in Manchester. He is also registered with the Initiation Society.

Yoel Niasoff does not perform circumcisions on adults or children over 8 months. If you wish to arrange a circumcision for older children or adults, we advise you to contact your GP, and ask for his/her assistance.  If he/she cannot assist, you are welcome to contact us, and we will try to advise you accordingly.

Before performing any Baby Circumcision the baby must first be examined in order to define whether or not a circumcision can be undertaken.

After the baby has been assessed and it is safe to perform the circumcision, Yoel Niasoff  will give the parents a thorough explanation of all the steps they are required to do in order to best prepare the baby for the Circumcision.

You will also be given after care instructions ( together with a contact number, that you may call at any time should you have any concerns or questions) on how to care for your circumcised baby.

To discuss any of your questions in person, please contact us at Baby Circumcision Manchester, and we’ll be happy to answer any queries.